Krombacher festival moments: Electric Callboy, Beerpong and a thank you to the Metalheads

The Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) 2023 will remain unforgotten in many respects. Historically bad weather had turned the Holy Ground in Wacken into a mud land, making the heavy metal festival a challenge not only for fans and organisers on site, but unfortunately also making it impossible for many metalheads to attend. True to the legendary W:O:A motto “Rain or Shine”, Krombacher nevertheless quenched the metalheads thirst for beer at more than 140 taps and provided heavy highlights with activities around its Krombacher Stammtisch. Among them: A new world record.

World record in Wacken

110,3 decibels – never before has anyone growled louder than the visitors of this year’s Wacken Open Air.

Together with the Growling Creatures, the metal fans set a new world record. On the opening day of the festival, the animal metal band presented by Krombacher called for record-breaking voices for the protection of endangered native species.

The metalheads impressively showed that they give their all even under difficult conditions: in true metal style they growled at the top of their lungs, thus giving endangered species a powerful voice. So instead of a minute’s silence, it got really loud in front of the main stages in Wacken. The attendant judge from the Record Institute for Germany (RID) officially confirmed the new record and awarded Thomas Jensen, co-founder of the W:O:A, the record certificate on behalf of the participating festival visitors.

Krombacher festival moments: Electric Callboy, Beerpong and a thank you to the Metalheads

In addition to fresh Pils and Germany’s largest Beerpong arena, Krombacher had a few more highlights in store for the metal fans: The Krombacher Stammtisch, the beer brand’s central festival platform, was officially part of the Line-up and opened the daily programme in the infield with exclusive live performances. On Thursday, the popular metalcore band “Electric Callboy” performed a DJ set and heated up the fans. On Friday, Wacken legend “Mambo Kurt” visited the Krombacher area, while on Saturday, the Dutch metal marching band “Blaas of Glory” rang in the final day of the W:O:A from the balcony of the Stammtisch.

After Krombacher had already provided its products at the start of the festival as a free gift for those waiting around the approach routes and rest stops, there were also some final farewell presents from the brand. As a thank you for a truly unforgettable W:O:A 2023, Krombacher gave out chilled drinks for those leaving as well as the numerous helpers. It was the organisation team and the many volunteers who had made sure that the festival could take place at all. In return, they received the limited W:O:A edition of Krombacher Pils and of course non-alcoholic drinks for all drivers. Hope to see you again next year, at another sold out W:O:A! Rain or Shine.

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